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Ice Floating Puumala- Saimaa on the rocks

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The winter experience for the courageous in Puumala by lake Saimaa! Put on a safety suit and jump in frozen water and float downstream like a cork. This is a safe, guided winter adventure in Puumala for small groups.

“Saimaa on the rocks” Ice floating in Puumala is a great arctic winter experience for small groups. Using professional grade safety suits, we jump in frozen water upstream and float downstream like a cork.  Like jumping on parachute lakeland style.

Safe, guided ice floating session in frozen water wearing a dry waterproof rescue suit. This program is good for all healthy persons 15-60 years old. If you have doubts about participating, contact guide before ordering.

The winter experience in lake Saimaa since 2009. This is a private winter experience in Puumala. The stream area of Puumala strait does not freeze even on the  coldest days and it is the perfect place for this arctic ice floating experience.

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