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Ice Fishing Trip

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Our ice fishing tour starts at 1000 and takes you 20 Kilometres north of Rovaniemi into the Arctic circle, the destination is one that will make you fully aware of the raw Arctic beauty and will give you the chance to enjoy it in silence. 

Once you arrive you will have a short 5-10 minute walk through an old forest, then suddenly, the trees will stop and an open area full of ice and snow will appear as far as the eye can see. This place always seems to restore peace and a sense of happiness to those who spend time there (even if you go every day), as it is a bit of a local secret.

During this tour, you will be taught different ways to appreciate this special environment. The Ice fishing itself is a great way to experience the silence of the wilderness and to experience a cultural activity that a lot of locals do every day, to catch food for themselves and their dogs.  As soon as a fish is caught (of a decent size) we will prepare it and cook it straight over the fire, if the fish are undersized we will always return them to the ice.

The tour also gives you an insight into the difficulties people in the Arctic areas have had over the ages to simply get food.

Your guide will explain how the local people fish with nets under ice that is up to a metre thick and you will also get to try and drill your own fishing hole.

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