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Ice Fishing by the Arctic Circle

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Ice fishing ON the Arctic Circle. Yes, that's right: It crosses the middle of this forest lake. A comfortable 4h tour. We go there by minivan, enjoy the fresh white snow, pure Arctic air and of course, we'll have a bite to eat by the fire in the Kota.

You can’t fish closer to the Arctic Circle than this because the Arctic Circle is actually crossing the middle of the lake. The lake is located 25km northeast from Övertorneå. We go there by minivan and ít is easily accessible but still “in the middle of nowhere”. Ice fishing is easy, relaxing and everyone can do it. We’ll help you get started.  

Lunch with coffee/tea is prepared by the fire in the Kota. If you start feeling cold, you can snuggle up against the fireplace in the Kota to get warm. But be advised! It's easy to forget the time when you are gazing into the flames. Enjoy the stillness, the fluffy white snow, and pure Arctic air. This is for you who want to try ice fishing in a forest lake, but don’t like to walk or ski several kilometers to get there. 

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