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Ice Fishing and Cooking Exploration 6 Hours - Uummannaq

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 Experience the amazing culture of Greenlandic fishing and cooking in the wild. Together we will catch fish, collect seaweed and mussels for dinner. The dinner will be made in the traditional way. This will be the most unforgettable authentic dinner you will ever have.  

Together we will pull our small sledge from the port of Uummannaq into the frozen fjord. Ca. 10-15 minutes walking distance from the
harbor we will find our catching place. Typically, we will find a place where the locals are fishing, because it´s about catching a fish, but we locals cuddle, laugh and chat with each other while fishing and not least enjoy the cup of hot Coffee. tea with div. accessories for. 

The local fishermen and hunters often come by where we fish and talk with us, before their turn goes on. We will take the caught fish home and make a delicious dinner. If we get cod, we can make a few jewelries from the cod’s head.  

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