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Husky - Tour

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Siberian huskies are the most beautiful of them all. They have a long tradition here and used to be not only a dog but rather a family member. You will meet the dogs, learn about breeding, feeding, treatment, and what it means to build a real racing team. Eva-Maria and Jakub have experienced musher and took part in the world championship at the Finnmark - Race in the north, which is many 100km long. Ask whatever you want. We are happy to answer.

Afterwards, its time to sit. On the sledge for max. 4 persons, you take a seat. The Huskies are harnessed, loud, and full of joy they want to run over the frozen lake, through forests, and over snowy fields. Often 12 - 14 Huskies in front of you, only the anchor slows them down. And then... Go ... You only hear the runners in the snow. Silently the sledge glides through the arctic region. What a fantastic feeling!

After the tour, there is one important thing to remember. Cuddling the dogs! They love that, and in fact, this is the award for the run. Take pictures together with your favourite dog. Coffee will be served on the fireplace. Enjoy the lifestyle of this beautiful Husky-Camp.

We provide warm overall, shoes, helmets, and gloves. The tours will be done until -25 degrees and based on the weather and snow conditions. 

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