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Husky sled ride 3-hour

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Experience the feeling of sliding in a snowy, untouched and quiet winter landscape sitting on the reindeer fur on the guide sled.

Take part of the teamwork and the trust between the driver and our happy and enthusiastic dogs who love to work in front of the sled in their right element. We stop halfway for a shorter snack stop at a crackling fire in the winter landscape. Here are good opportunities to take photos and cuddle with the dogs. During the late tour in clear weather there are good opportunities to see the northern lights and a beautiful sky with thousands of stars with no nearby lights that disturb the experience. Nearest light from a small town is Harads, more than 20 kilometres away. 

For those who want to learn more and experience longer adventures, we can offer expeditions tours, both in the more sheltered but snowy forest landscape or in the more wind-exposed landscape in the Swedish mountains.

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