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Horse Riding in Mostar, Village Goranci

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It’s a rough climate, all in mountain rockery. Here and there you can find some ash tree or hornbeam. The highest peak, Jastrebinka has 1133 meters of altitude. This tableland is really an oasis of nature. So you stand still in all that greatness and silence and just when you feel as if you are some exclusive master of the moment and the landscape – they appear – the true masters, the horses of Bile.

The tableland Bile, known for its intact nature and unique beauty is situated between Mostar and Široki Brijeg and surrounded by the villages of Goranci, Bogodol, Polog, Grabova Draga and Gradac. There are more than 100 horses in droves, led by strong studs wonder freely around this remarkable tableland. 

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