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Hiking the Spartan Trail

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The Peloponnese in south Greece was recently voted by Lonely Planet as the no 1 destination in Europe. No other part in Greece combines scenic hiking trails in stupendous mountain scenery overlooking the sea with an incredible wealth of cultural heritage and notable archaeological sites and monuments. This is the place where gods and heroes walked the earth for the first time. Filoxenia (hospitality) is very strong here, the food, olive oil and wine are Greece's best. Locals claim to have the best of everything to give and that’s no myth. This is where the remains of the famous classical city of Sparta are, against the impressive backdrop of the Taygetos mountains, the highest mountain in the Peloponnese.

The Spartan trail, as part of the European walking route E4 is a meeting point for naturalists, photography lovers, hikers, mountaineers and climbers from all over the world. Beautiful forests, fragrant shrubs, gorges and ravines make hiking here a fascinating experience. The peak of the mountain, prophet Elias boasting at 2407m is one of the biggest natural pyramids in the world.

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