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Hiking Ridomo gorge

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A half-day hike at the longest gorge of mount Taygetos Just 10km away from Kalamata, yet so close to the core of Taygetos massif lies Ridomo gorge. A geological phenomenon with interesting limestone formations, created by the effect of water rushing down from the mountains. The gorge starts from the peaks of mount Taygetos all the way down to the beach of Santova just outside of Kalamata. At a certain point, it becomes two meters narrow and 60 meters high. Walking through this part is a great experience.

Our hike starts from the rim near the village Vorio. We follow the path leading down to the rocky bottom. Walking the gorge uphill is a bit challenging as we scramble the huge boulders but very much rewarding as the views around us are truly magnificent. We make a few stops to rest enjoy a healthy picnic and admire the unique geological formations. We may spot some wild goats skillfully balancing on the almost vertical cliffs. Small waterfalls dripping down from high above, and partly those walls are decorated by evergreen ivy plants. After around 5 kilometres the rockiest part is over and the gorge gets narrower. Soon we shall find yourselves into a narrow corridor between vertical walls, listening to the echo of our steps and almost able to touch both walls at the same time. This is the most impressive part of Ridomo Gorge.

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