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Hiking in Mostar mountain Prenj -Bijele Vode

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Hiking in Mostar: Prenj -Bijele Vode – Above the Bijele polje, near Mostar, on the southern slopes of Mountain Prenj, on a large mountain slope, 1050 m is Ruište, a favorite place for hiking. It can be reached by asphalt road at 25 km from Mostar via the Bijele vode. I’m in Mostar the heat of the hour, for half an hour drive to Ruište, you enter the Alpine area, the shade of black pine and mud, and especially the mountain ambience gives the atmosphere a pleasant stay and rightly becomes one of the cultural sites of the prehistoric hikers. Tens of houses, a few motels, a mountain lodge, a ski lift and a special crossroads for the Žiemlje, the northern rocks of Velež, Nevesinje, Boračko Lake, Bijele vode, give this place the possibility of a tourist resource in the future as for the hiking in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The starting point for hiking in this hiking trip is just this place. When arriving in Rujište, the car can be parked in front of the Hunting Lodge, and there is also the first direction for the climb to the Bijele vode.

From this point of hike, first you follow the asphalt road through the cottage village to the last house. There is a turning direction to the right and the trail leads through a high mixed forest, still between the cottage, until you reappear on the macadam road.

Further climbing goes on a macadam road, on a well-marked trail, to the place called local “Čatrnja”. There is a pitched house on the left side of it, and there is a cistern with water. From this point the climb can go macadamically on the left or well-marked hiking trail that passes through the well-marked mine suspected area in the Vilinski  klanac, has a slight climb, leads through the beech forests, and for the past 6.6 km it reaches the mountain hut “Adnan Krilić” on Bijele vode.

Sleeping in this home should be arranged in advance. It was built at 1450 m.n.m. For mountain walks the Bijele vode is one of the most important starting points for mountaineering on Prenj. It offers accommodation for 30-40 people. In addition to the home there is always a mountain shelter. Bijele vode is a good starting point for hiking to many other peaks of Prenj.

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