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Hanging Bridges

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The Arenal hanging bridges is one of the most popular attractions in the area of the Arenal volcano region. Exuberant and diverse the rainforest at Arenal hanging bridges can be observed and enjoyed from all different perspectives.

As you arrive in the Arenal Hanging Bridges, you will go to restrooms and get ready to get on the hiking trail. The first glance you take will be a very well trimmed beautiful tropical garden, but as you get in, the jungle makes the landscape. The first bridges are quite small. A way to get used to the constructions of aluminum, galvanized steel, and concrete.

All the 15 bridges have the same quality standards, assuring the safety of all their users. The largest bridge is over 100 meters (320 feet) long. The trails are built with non-slip materials, and the total distance of the walk is 3.2 Km (2 miles). As you get in the path, the Arenal Hanging Bridges start showing their real dimension, a place to get immersed in the rainforest. You can see it from the underground and from the top of the giant trees.

You can witness its magical shapes, the movements of monkeys and birds below you. And all of it at a comfortable pace that will let you breathe in the beauty of the landscape.

If lucky, you may see toucans, monkeys, coatimundis, agoutis, and a vast array of species of birds. The fantastic visibility of the bridges makes an excellent spot for any nature lover.

You will enjoy an 18 meters (60 feet) pristine waterfall, and the knowledge of our expert guides will create in this fantastic place a feeling of learning fun.The impressive views of the volcano and the lake wrap up the visit to one of the musts while in the area of La Fortuna.

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