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Guided Sit-on-top Kayak Trip on Soca River

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If you are looking for an awesome one-time kayaking experience on the Soča river, we without hesitation recommend you to try our guided kayak descent, where you will paddle into the magical currents of the river, together with an experienced and professional whitewater kayak instructor. You will not only glide on the mystical stretches and secret corners of the river, but you will also be able to experience the wilderness of whitewater rapids.

We will take you on a quieter and calmer section of the river, which offers marvellous views on the surrounding peaks, including Slovenia's highest mountain, Triglav. Sit on top kayaks are a fantastic intro into the whitewater world of kayaking, as they are easier to handle and offer more stability than classic whitewater kayaks. Because of the shape of the boat, which is friendly for beginners, we can also push our limits on more exciting parts and let the adrenaline flow through us on more challenging sections of the river.

The guided kayak descent offers a quick intro into the sport of kayaking and a chance to already be prepared to hit some waves, whereas on a kayak course you are slowly learning and perfecting how to handle a kayak in the currents, counter currents and also whitewater rapids. Secondly, the type of the boat is different. The descent is carried out in open kayaks (sit-on-tops), the kayak course on the other hand is performed in classic closed (with a spray skirt) kayaks. In both cases before hitting the waves, the guide will provide instructions about safety, after which you will start your 7 km guided kayak descent with sit-on-top kayaks. The starting point will be determined by the guide and after the first practice rowing strokes you will begin the 1,5 h river adventure.

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