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Full-Day Trip to Perito Moreno Glacier from Puerto Natales

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Leave Puerto Natales at 6:30am and travel to the famous Perito Moreno glacier, the only glacier in the world located in the Lago Argentino, which constantly offers some of the shows more majestic nature, shedding their floes.

Among the 356 glaciers found in the Los Glaciares, the Perito Moreno National Park is the most known worldwide.
This huge mass of ice covers an area of 195km2, a front wall of 2500m and a height of 60m.
The sheer magnitude which is supposed to "float" on the Lago Argentino reaches 70 meters above the water surface, leaving you breathless. 

The lake waters are very cold-between 4 and 6 degrees-and maintain a special color by mineral particles from the glacier crashes against the bedrock. The route to the glacier can be done walking through walkways and viewpoints.

Arrival in Puerto Natales at approx 10pm.

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