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Full day seven hills of Rovaniemi

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This tour includes everything from tarmac to duckboards and almost untouched swamp to solid rock. Forest roads, single tracks and hard core rock gardens!

We start from the city center and head to Ounasvaara: the starting point for Lappish mountain bikers to ride through. From there, you bike to the Syväsenvaara area, where you can find the Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Santa Park, and Santa Claus Village. You then cross into the Arctic Circle; officially earning the title of Arctic mountain biker. With your newfound glory, you bike to the best views in Rovaniemi, including the solid rock paradise of Santavaara. Enjoy a lunch of the local cuisine before heading down to the Ounasjoki-river. Finns prefer to swim through it, but for you we organized a boat!

Now it's time to start climbing again. Up to the top of Vennivaara we use roads, but after a three kilometres ascent we find again the nice singletracks and really smooth sand based forest trails. 

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