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Fishing trip from Svolvaer

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Join us on our fishing trip from Svolvaer and get different kind of fish and see our legendary nature!

Along the way you will experience the Lofoten archipelago with steep mountains, islets and sheaves.  We often see Sea-eagles, cormorants and eiders. If we are lucky we can also see whales, porpoises, basking sharks and seals. 

​Lofoten is known for its rich amounts of fish, so the chance is good that you will catch some fish! ​On our fishingtrips, we often get cod, pollock, haddock and mackerel. Its also common to get herring, redfish, catfish, monkfish and flounder. Sometimes we catch halibut.​ You will get a good guide of our crew, both in terms of fishing, fishing gear and safety procedures.​

We can fillet your catch together out at sea. If you want to take your catch with you, back home, you are of course welcome to do that! You can prepare your fish to a delicious dinner!

Hot drinks are served on board.

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