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Family Canyoning In Soča Valley

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Canyoning in Sušec is a perfect activity for hot summer days. We will be well refreshed in body and spirit as well.

On our trips we will do things which othervise we would not do and we will get to places where othervise we would not get. We will jump in deep emerald pools, slide on natural slip-ways made by the creek in million of years, swim, walk and climb in the narrow gorge. Before entering the canyons we will ensure with a 30-minutes hike to be warmed up till we get to the sarting point. Canyoning is true adventure!

Canyoning in Sušec canyon is the easier one, but the more intense. The tour is really active from the beginning till the end. We will explore the canyon with endless slides and jumps. On our way the canyon will get steeper with this also the waterfalls will get higher. Although we have the possibility in this canyon we do not need to jump or repell from giddy hights. A glorious memory for a lifetime!

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