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Explore the Wildfjords and the Glacier with RIB

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Do you want to join us for a trip to explore the Wildfjords of Finnmark and Troms and also have a glimpse of majestic Jøkelfjord glacier? We leave Alta and head out of the Altafjord where we passes several historic landmarks en route. Our local guide tells you about the history of Alta from the earliest settlements, Altas favorable position under the Northern Lights belt and the local history up until today.

When we arrive our destination in Jøkelfjord we will have a boat trip out to the glacier to have great picture close by the majestic icefall who reaches 800 meter above sea-level. The glacier is very active and can calve, meaning that ice breaks off the front and falls on the uper ice before it falls in the fjord, leaving the sound of thunder behind.

After we have been on the boat trip we will go back to the harbor where we will have a lunch and warme drinks. When we have enjoyed the  great arctic nature and scenery we will head back home to Alta.

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