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Donkey Mountain Hike

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Gaining his first glimpse of the Wolgan Valley in 1823, colonial Assistant Surveyor Robert Hoddle beautifully described one of Wolgan Valley’s most iconic landmarks - Donkey Mountain, ‘as singular and romantic, and had the appearance of a castle and town in ruins’.

Donkey Mountain has stirred the emotions of many pioneers, writers and trailblazers who have all been seduced by the hidden treasures that await on its summit.

Traversing the steep talus slopes of the mountain into Gardens of Stone National Park, guests are rewarded with sweeping panoramic views across the Wolgan Valley and the opportunity to explore the maze of fern filled canyons, moss covered boulders and pagoda rock formations which Donkey Mountain is famous for.

This challenging full day hike explores the extensive system of caves, canyons and slots that comprise the north-eastern section of Donkey Mountain and as such, caters to the more experienced bushwalker. The Donkey Mountain Hike includes morning tea, lunch, bottled water, park fees and local guide.

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