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Discover the Arctic Circle – the Lofoten Islands

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Known as the paradise on earth, the Lofoten Islands are famous for their exceptional fisheries, natural attractions and small villages. The Lofoten Islands are scattered around the turbulent Norwegian Sea, revealing the beauty of nature. There are mountains, bottomless fjords, lively seabird gathering grounds. If you want to see the breathtaking nature and the Northern Lights, Lofoten Islands will be perfect! 

In this tour we will visit the archaeological viking village, Borg, where you can find the largest viking longhouse, 83 meters long. You will learn about the Viking Age, including archery and axe fighting. Furthermore, you will also try the traditional viking cuisine and experience the traditional viking boat sailing.

Due to the influence of the North Atlantic warm current, the climate in the Lofoten Islands is warmer than in other areas at the same latitude. From May to early July, there will be a spectacular midnight sun! You can also enjoy the stunning Northern Lights from August to mid-April!

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