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Deluxe Humpback Whale Swim Tour

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From August 1st until the end of November we are authorized to operate tours where guests may enter the water when the whales are relaxed, with a maximum of group of 7 swimmers plus a guide & Videographer in the water at a time, while non-swimming guests observe the whales the boat manoeuvring as close as 75 meters! This is closer than any other whale watching cruise in Australia. This will give you a very special view for non-swimmers to enjoy the whales as they display their natural behaviours. FREE Video of your day Included (USB Not included, may be purchased)

The swimmers, with the careful watch of their guide, will slide into the water and approach the Humpback Whale. We have strict distance guidelines and safety is paramount in these very special encounters. Swimmers can approach as close as 30 meters from the whale which will provide an excellent surface view of the animals and allow the swimmers to hear their beautiful songs. The whales are curious and are allowed to approach us within 15 metres giving us a unique close encounter.  Our dedicated spotter plane pilot personally talks via radio, to the in-water guide to ensure a great interaction.

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