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Day trip in Varghis Gorge

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Hike through one of the most spectacular geological landscapes in Romania, with 122 caves and the biggest colony of bats in Romania

In the morning, you will be picked up from your accommodation in Brasov and you will be taken to the entrance of the natural reserve, situated outside the village of Varghis.

From here, you will begin a relaxing trek through the forest and wilderness of the gorge. You will walk along the river on wooden bridges and trails and you will discover the caves that were formed here during the passing of time. The biggest cave, named Orban Balazs cave, is home to one of the biggest bat colony in the Carpathians. If you decide to explore it, you will also discover amazing species of spiders and insects, found on the cave's walls.

In the end, you will return to the car and you will be taken back to Brasov. On your way back, there is a possibility to visit a local artisan who is specialized in wood carving.

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