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📷 Glen Olsen

Day Trip - Caving Adventure in Northern Norway

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Caves are dark, mysterious and challenging. Most of the caves in Norway are “wild” caves and have not been developed in any way. They are the same temperature (above freezing) all year round, and feel cool in the summer and warm in the Winter. Adventure. If you want to join a guided adventure underground trip, we offer caving adventure including both walking, crawling and abseiling.

All year. Caving is a year-round adventure for both novice and experienced cavers. Best of all: no matter what weather or season!

What to see? From beautiful limestone formations to deep caving systems. Nordland has underground adventures for all interests. This is The Underground Scenic Wonderland in Northern Norway!

Is this trip for me? Moderate to good fitness and agility is required. Involves some steady uphill walking for up to 1 hour to reach the caves. Children are welcome too, and they just love it!

Grading: this trip is graded as Medium – Blue grading. The degree of difficulty and the precise route is carefully chosen to fulfil the desires and physique of the group itself.

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