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Cross-Country Skiing Trip

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Learn to ski cross-country skiing and admire beautiful landscapes with a local guide. Spend a nice day or half exploring the nature! This trip is suitable for beginners as the guide will make a skiing lesson first. You will learn traditional cross-country skiing and you will have a chance to try skate skiing if you like.

This trip is a great opportunity to take nature pictures and with some luck you may also see footprints of wild animals or even animals themselves. You may try sliding on even surface as well as downslopes. Warm beverages and snacks are offered during this trip. Great fun for all!

Two starts a day: At 10 AM and 2 PM. Snacks and warm beverages are offered during this tour. All day trip includes lunch, too.

Created in the 19th century, the cross-country skiing is really popular in Northern Europe countries and is part of Nordic skiing sports. Often used by explorers as a mean of transport, it is now a recreational activity, most frequently known as touring. From extended periods using tents to relatively short trips on maintained trails, cross-country skiing is also considered as competition, contested for first time at the Winter Olympic Games in 1924.

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