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Cod fishing trip from Henningsvaer

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This fishing adventure takes place every year in the period February to April, and is a huge happening in Lofoten! Thousands of people come to Lofoten during this period to experience this amazing adventure!

​Every winter a lots of Norwegian Arctic cod, called Skrei, swim down from the Barents Sea to Lofoten to spawn. The Lofoten fishery has been the basis of existence for the people here, for at least five thousand years. This codfish called Skrei, is the fish that our ancestors the wild Vikings used to make stockfish.

Today Lofotfishery in one of the largest and most famous cod fishery in the world! When we are out on the Lofoten Sea we will try the fish luck. Our chances of catching fish are very good!

You will get a good guide of our crew, both in terms of fishing, fishing gear and safety procedures. If you want to take your catch with you, back home, you are of course

welcome to do that! We can fillet your catch together out at sea. You can prepare your fish to a delicious dinner! Hot drinks are served on board. Fishing gear, floatingsuit and rainwear you can borrow from us. It is recommended to wear good and warm clothes.

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