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Cape Hauy Hiking Tour - Tasman National Park

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The Tasman is home to arguably some of Australia's greatest day walks, although this end of the world has for so long been over shadowed by the famous Port Arthur historic site. Travellers wanting more than convict history, will be rewarded with a day trip like no other. The tallest sea cliffs in the country, the best track work in the country, the best day walk in Australia? You be the judge, join us for a memorable day to Cape Hauy.

The drive too Fortescue Bay is 1.5hrs. Enjoy coastal scenery as the pass by the fishing towns of Dunalley and stunning Eagle Hawk Neck with panoramic views.

Enjoy morning tea, consisting of freshly brewed coffee, black and herbal teas. View the walking map and learn the minimal impact walking principles. The hike to Cape Hauy is a return walk: The first section is a great warm up for the day, nicely laid stone steps skirting up the coastline. The trail work is some of the best in the country. As we wind upward in-land keep an eye and ear out for local birds. Enjoy views back to Fortescue Bay and the surrounding forests.

Cape Hauy is the last leg of the newly opened Three Capes Track, jutting out to the Tasman Sea, the track concludes on the cliffs edge, 150m above the water. Enjoy panoramic views to Cape Pillar, Hippolyte Rock and Maria Island. View the spectacular dolerite columns, popular dare-devil climbers. Gaze over the sea stacks known as the Lanterns, Candlestick and Totem Pole. 

We'll spend some time on the Cape enjoying some trail snacks with the view. On returning to Fortescue Bay, we re-trace, though this time viewing over the coastline of the Tasman National Park. Towards the Three Capes track junction we have our steepest section of steps, don't worry it is short and sharp. 

Arriving back to the beach approx. 2PM we enjoy an afternoon lunch by bay. Soak your feet in the water, have a swim or walk the beach before we hit the road home. Arrive back to Hobart approx. 5:30 with hotel drop offs if needed. 

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