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Canyoning in Fratarica Canyon

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Find yourself in the core of pristine nature!

The adventure will take you to the world of waterfalls, naturally sculpted slides and the mysterious secret corners of canyons and gorges. Join the glorious Fratarica canyoning! Following a short half hour hike up the canyon, a three-hour adrenaline rush-filled descent through waterfalls and emerald pools is waiting for you.

Picturesque cliffs, narrow gorges, roaring waterfalls, and crystal clear emerald pools are the sugar and spice of your up-close experience with wild and untamed mother nature. The descent through canyons and gorges and navigating over natural obstacles such as natural slides and waterfalls will make you plunge into emerald pools filled with water of crystal clarity. Let the natural pristinity overwhelm you. Savor every moment! 

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