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Canoe Tour in Linnansaari National Park

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Guided canoe tour Linnansaari national park is the easiest and safest way to explore this magnificent place by canoes. You will see and get more of your trip with a guide. Guide will take care of all arrangements and you may concentrate to enjoy nature and views.  Linnansaari is one of the best place to see a Saimaa ringed seal, and it is one of the most beautifull areas of grand lake Saimaa. Paddling round and round the maze of islands is a great nature experience. Linnansaari is good canoeing destination for experienced outdoor people. The lake area is big and a bit challenging for beginners, but your private guide ensures your safety and  adjusts the route for your skills. Half-way we land in an island and make coffee or food on open fire. Guides speciality is the optional fried vendace fish prepared in the wild… hmmm.. delicious!

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