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Camel & Quad Combo in the Rock Desert

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Experience these two activities in one day! We will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the starting site to meet first of all our team who will explain the program of the day :  after a camel ride you will be offered a lunch at Hicham and a ride in quad (or the opposite : the quad first and then the camel ride).

Whether on your quad or camel, our entire team will look after you to make you live a unique holiday. Discover in one day the beauty of the arid landscapes of the North of Marrakech as well as the hospitality and the authenticity of the Moroccans.

You will feel like adventurers : for the camel tour, we will provide you with a cheich, while for the quad tour, we will provide all the necessary equipment for your safety: helmet, balaclava and goggles protection.

A relaxed atmosphere and an experience in the heart of Morocco. Marrakech is a big city, but just a few minutes from the center, it’s a whole different world that we propose you to discover. A real incursion into an authentic universe, this day is one of our bestsellers.

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