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Buggy SSV in the Desert of the Jbilets

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Combine adventure, discovery & comfort with safety for a family-friendly ride or an adrenaline-filled adventure and everything in between! Buggies are by far the best way to discover secluded spots and enjoy amazing views of the great outdoors in safety and style. Across rocky wadis and stones desert, up steep slopes and down winding canyons, the robust reliability and good handling of our Yamaha buggies provide true all terrain access to the strange and wonderful Jbilet landscapes

Safety first: Equipment briefing (Yamaha SSV Buggy) and… road book: 2 hours to explore Marrakech’s northern landscapes: lush palmgroves, snow-capped mountain, adobe villages and millennial Berber hospitality! Our detailed knowledge of the area around our base, our top-notch in-house maintenance and the complete reliability of our equipment provide for a full day’s ride through the hilly, lunar landscapes just outside Marrakech.

Your sturdy, safe & reliable buggy provides safe access across all terrains to remote spots and unique hideaways far from the beaten path.  On the way, a halt is planned in a little village to stretch your legs and

Enjoy millennial Berber hospitality around a pot of fresh tea and hot pancakes. Ever seen a palm tree with a snow capped mountain in the background as hues of red, crimson and ochre shift with the days light?

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