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Birdwatching hike

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Birdwatching in Costa Rica is about experiencing the impressive natural surroundings, looking for the abundant amount of species with a real expert will give you a mere glimpse of how productive the activity can be in a condensed biodiverse region like Arenal.

Birdwatching in Costa Rica is a grand opportunity to check some species out, but mainly to experience the tropical birds in the presence of protected rainforest environment. You can learn a lot from the abundant nature that surrounds you as well as delight in its majestic silence, the branches moving, the visited flowers.

Birdwatching in Costa Rica is an experience hard to forget. It is so easy to do it, and yet, due to the abundance of birds, the conditions of light and sometimes the presence of predators, it is a hard task to identify and correctly check out the species from the lists. That is why having a local experts gets to be indispensable.

You will start this day, either very early in the morning or at sunset as these are the times when the tropical heat cools off, and wildlife turns very active, especially, birds.

As we take you into a low transit gravel road close to the Arenal Lake,  you will start walking, eyes and ears in an alert and binoculars in hand, hoping to see one or two of the magnificent targets of the region. We might also take you to some other areas, even closer to your hotel.

As we are locals, it depends on the weather, the time of year, the nesting and the food supply to see more or less in one or another spot. Birdwatching in Costa Rica can be so much better when you are with a real local expert who is passionate about the activity and can tell you the right places to see this or that other species.

You will see some of the common species of toucans in the area, Montezuma Oropendolas, Manakins, Antpittas, several species of colorful tanagers and noisy parakeets and even parrots. You may also keep your eyes open for the beautiful trogons (Relative to the breathtaking Resplendent Quetzal), impressive hawks and owls, the remarkable curassow and the distinctive guans and chachalacas.

For the more experienced birdwatcher, we can focus on Royal Flycatchers, White-fronted Nun birds, Cinnamon Woodpeckers, Lovely Cotingas, the noisy Laughing Falcon or the rare and beautiful Scarlet Thighed Dacnis together with some more unusual and distinctive species.

For the more experienced birdwatcher, we can focus on looking for Royal Flycatchers, White- fronted  Nun birds, Cinnamon Woodpeckers and other less commonly seen species.  We will tailor the tour for you. We will wrap up the tour by listing and discussing the birds we have seen.

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