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Beginners Canyoning in Neda

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Neda is a river in the Peloponnese of southern Greece. According to Greek mythology, Neda was a nymph, a goddess of water and she was one of those who nourished Zeus. The gorge of the river Neda is a natural wonder of the Messinian countryside. The river at a large part of it crosses a ravine with very rich vegetation. Waterfalls are created along its course with incredibly clean waters, one of the cleanest in Greece. The constantly varying landscape, the lush, the crystal-clear waters and the majestic cliffs, make the crossing of this gorge an unforgettable experience.

Our canyoning experience in Neda is the ideal way to do your first steps and get addicted to the magic world of canyoning at a natural waterpark. Canyoning is the descent of a gorge using various techniques and methods. Quite often we'll abseil or rappel down waterfalls, sometimes we can jump, sometimes the canyon forms natural flumes and we can slide down. There’s also a lot of swimming, walking and climbing. It’s all of that together. In the beginning, a brief training will be conducted by your canyoning leader and you will be given wetsuits and harnesses. It will be a few minutes’ walk to the point where the descent begins where wetsuits and equipment will be worn. Then the game begins with a mixture of everything such mixed jumps, water flumes, beautiful swims, bits that we can abseil. We finish the day rappelling the last of the waterfalls of 25 meters.

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