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Balloon Flight in Madrid

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We offers hot air balloon flights in Madrid, just 40 minutes from Madrid city. Included private transport from Madrid.

Ballooning is the oldest form of flying. Since the very first flights in 1783, the hot-air balloon has remained essentially unchanged although its technology and materials have, of course, like the skills of its pilots, advanced significantly with the times. Today, riding a balloon is no longer a flight into the unknown but, quite the contrary, it is now one of the safest ways of flying.

We'll fly in the Guadarrama Regional Park area with superb views to the Madrid skyline at one side and to Madrid mountains at the other side. The peaceful countryside area is perfect for balloon flying. Enjoy the relaxing feeling, free of fears or shocking impressions, cradled in nature’s light and sounds as dawn breaks.

The activity begins early in the morning, about 8:30 AM in the winter and 7:30 AM in the summer, when the air and winds are most stable. The whole activity takes approximately 3 hours including inflating the envelope, boarding, flying (about an hour), landing, packing the envelope and taking back to our launch field in our vehicles.

Finally you’ll enjoy a special breakfast and be awarded with a Balloon Flight Certificate and make a traditional toast with Cava following the aeronautical tradition.

All of this ensures that ballooning delivers an unforgettable experience reserved exclusively for the most adventurous spirits. Enjoy your balloon flight in Spain all year round thanks to our predominantly good weather conditions here in Madrid.

See you on Board with Ole Outdoor!

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