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Autumn Seal Safari By Boat

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In one of our 7.5 meter boats captained by one of our nature guides you will enjoy 2 hours out in the archipelago in search for seals resting on the many islands and small rocky reefs. The two types of seal in the Baltic are Ringed Seal and Grey Seal which feed on fish in the bay including herring and salmon. Both grey and ringed seals were hunted along the edge of the ice in earlier days but now protected. The numbers have exploded making sightings very likely.

Birdlife is also prevalent in the region and includes the Sea eagles, Black guillemot, Velvet scoter, Oystercatcher, Lesser black-backed gull, Western Capercaillie and Willow ptarmigan. Moose, who are known to swim between islands, bear and even reindeer and hare are found on the islands, as on the mainland, and are also possible sightings from the comfort of our boat.

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