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Astros & Moustos Wetland - Hiking

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A hiking tour that everyone can do it. We organized a beautiful hiking trip for 3 hours, starting from Astros port. The route depends on the weather, where your hotel is and which direction you prefer. The path we suggest is the ancient stone road and a part also of the certified path of Parnon trail. The Parnon trail is a 210km long path which is still under construction. We suggest the seaside part that its already constructed and which only lacks the signs. 

This hiking tours visits the Moustos wetland. It is 4km far from Astros and it is a shelter of migratory birds. The flora of the region is also extremely important. The lake is supplied with water of springs and lead to the gulp of Astros through two canals. With the ecological park of Parnonas, it has been placed to Natura 2000 and it is a preserved region. The environmental importance of the lake is huge as it is said that there was the old port of Astros.The water of the lake is brackish and have healing properties because of the sulfides that it contains. This water is suitable for those who have rheumatic and other diseases. Apart from the Lake of Moustos there is a smaller lake of Herronisiou, that extends in 20m and its water gushes from the hill. The lake leads directly to the sea.

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