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Archipelago excursion

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Join us to experience a unique side of Finland, the quiet nature side. A walk in this park highlights why Finland is one of the best outdoor destinations and why Finns enjoy their peace and quiet. 

This day trip starts from Helsinki and takes us to Porkkalanniemi; a scenic peninsula which reaches out into the midst of one of the world’s largest archipelagos. 

Experience a unique side of Finland

A walk into the forest brings us on a maintained nature trail with countless smaller trails made by deers, foxes, moose and more! Around our trail we will visit an ancient burial cairn dated back to the Nordic bronze age and Soviet-era bunkers which have since been reclaimed by nature. 

Porkkala is a great place for birders to see mute swans and great migrations of birds in the spring and fall. 

We believe that nature heals. Surrounded by natural wonders and incredibly diverse habitats this half-day in the archipelago will leave you wanting to rekindle your love for the outdoors. 

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