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5-Day: Hobart Adventure Trekking Tour

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Meet curious wildlife on Maria Island walking tour, explore world heritage wilderness with a full day at Mt. Field National Park, gaze over some of Australia's tallest sea cliffs on the Tasman Peninsula with our day trips to Cape Hauy and Cape Raoul and hike like a true local and summit of Hartz Peak.

Maria Island is a special place with something for everyone - historic ruins, sweeping bays, rugged cliffs and mountains, and remarkable wildlife. Set just off the warm East Coast, the island is easily accessed by ferry. Once on the island, you will discover a place where there are no motor vehicles, no shops and no worries.

Hartz Mountains National Park is a window into the south-west wilderness, offering views of remote mountain ranges as far as the southern coast. As well as spectacular views of a landscape which has been shaped by glaciers during past ice ages, the park offers a variety of unique features. The park contains a wide variety of vegetation from wet eucalypt forest and rainforest through to alpine heath on the exposed mountain tops.

Mt Field National Park is one of Tasmania's most loved national parks. The park has a wide variety of scenic features and wildlife and offers a great range of facilities for day visitors. Few other national parks in Australia offer such a diversity in vegetation, ranging from tall swamp gum forests and massive tree ferns at the base of the mountain, through rainforest along the Lake Dobson Road, to alpine vegetation at the higher elevations.

Tasman National Park protects the diverse forest and spectacular coastline from Cape Surville to Waterfall Bay and Fortescue Bay, and from Cape Hauy to Cape Pillar and Cape Raoul. The park incorporates several off-shore islands, including Fossil Island, Hippolyte Rocks and Tasman Island.

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