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4 Days Komodo Tour

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4 days tour to Komodo National Park, explore the different adventure treks around Komodo and Rinca island, explorer the of beaten trails along the slope of Mount Ara and the Poreng valley, which is situated 580 meter above sea level. This scenic area will surely dazzle with its rich diversity of exotic fauna, wild orchids and tropical plants. Be sure to to immerse yourself in the enchanting under water world in the Komodo National Park. On this trip yo wil do lot of snorkelling to witness the diverse of marine life around the Komodo National Park.

This package brings you to unforgettable wild nature experience and suitable for you who loves nature, landscape photography, beaches lover and of course the prehistorict of wild Komodo Dragon. Komodo National Park has been selected as one of the New7Wonders of Nature was declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site. The waters surrounding National Park also contains rich marine biodiversity. The National Park is also a part of the Coral Triangle, which contains some of the richest marine biodiversity on Earth.

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