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3 Elements, 3 Challenges

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Are you ready find out why Voss is considered the Mecca of adventure extreme sports in Scandinavia?

This thrilling package is a combination of the 3 main elements in the outdoors, Water, Air and Earth. This is the ultimate dose of adrenaline and our professional guides will take you for round at one of the most beautiful adventure playgrounds in Northern Europe.

Overcomes your limits while Mountain biking, Paragliding and Whitewater tandem kayak. If your adventure seeking and the relaxed atmosphere of a simple property appreciates, you should not hesitate too long!

Included transport, all equipment and guiding for: Mountain bike tour, Paraglider tandem flight and Whitewater tandem kayaking.

Tandem Paraglider is operate in cooperation with Voss Paraglider Klubb.

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