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3 Day Outback Exposure Tour

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Witness the abundance of bird and wildlife found amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Menindee Wetlands. Renowned for its eerily beautiful drowned red river gum trees, the Menindee Lake system is estimated to hold three and a half times more water than the Sydney Harbour when at capacity. A relaxing morning tea stop beside Parmarmaroo and cruise across Lake Wetherill allow passengers the opportunity fully immerse themselves in spectacular surrounds.

The adventure continues, as we follow the meandering Darling River to the historic River Port of Wilcannia. Once a bustling inland port, the only remnants that remain of Wilcanna’s once affluent trade, take the form of historic stone buildings – vivid reminders of the township’s past. We’ll take the time to explore the region’s strong indigenous ties and culture before enjoying the tranquillity of our first night’s accommodation at Warrawong on the Darling.

Our second day begins, as we travel to the opal-mining community of White Cliffs. In a time before effective air-conditioning in a land experiencing hot desert weather in excess of 40 degrees Celsius in summer months, clever residents of this small community sought respite underground, with many choosing to live in hand-made dug-outs. This is a tradition that continues to this day, giving the White Cliffs landscape its trade-mark landscape that seems almost lunar in appearance. We will have the complete White Cliffs experience, as we end the day in our accommodation at the Underground Motel, which is (as the name suggests) a motel located entirely underground.

On our last day together we travel through the stunning Barrier Ranges on our way to the one of Australia’s most culturally significant aboriginal sites at Mutawintji National Park. Lying amidst the spectacular Byngnano Ranges, ‘Mutawintji’ means ‘place of green grass and waterholes’ in the native indigenous language. Observers can agree that this name is well justified. With creeks and rock holes surrounded by red river gum trees and native flora, this national park is just stunning to walk through.

The most impressive of all, is what lies behind the ‘locked gate’ in the Mutawintji’s ‘Historic Site’. This site houses the ancient rock engravings and hand stencils of the land’s traditional inhabitants, with numerous walls and rocks bearing the stories and teachings of one of the world’s longest surviving human races. The cultural significance and sacred nature of the ‘Historic Site’ has lead to the site becoming a restricted access area. The guides and drivers of Tri State Safaris have been given special training and permission to access this area with our tour groups, making this a unique experience for our passengers.

Absolutely everything has been organised for you once you arrive into Broken Hill, you wont need to do a single thing! Most importantly your own tour guide who will welcome you and take care of your during your travels with us. 

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