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2.5hr Island Hop Birdlife Cruise

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Explore the environmentally significant Mud Islands and observe a multitude of thriving birdlife on this RIB boat 2.5-hour adventure cruise for up to 12 guests. Also visit the man-made island of South Channel Fort and gain exclusive access to the late 1800's underground fort installation.An internationally significant habitat for many birds, the Mud Islands represent a great spot for birdwatching and up to 70 species have been recorded. Listed as a RAMSAR site, which is an intergovernmental treaty for the conservation of wetlands, visiting the island is a unique experience that connects you with a spectacular insight into one of the Bay’s big secrets.

Built in response to several 'war scares' between Britain and Russia and the threat of invasion, the unique shoal fort was modelled on the 1860 and 1876 Spithead forts used in the National defences of the naval bases and dockyards of Britain. Military and history enthusiasts will enjoy the tour into the underground keep with it's labyrinth of passages, magazines and descent into the former lives of the officers that lived on the island.

A historically, architecturally and now environmentally significant part of Victoria's history, we're delighted to share these little known gems of our region. By doing so, we hope to aid protection and conservation of our significant birdlife, marine life and heritage.

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