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2 hour Dolphin Cruise, Seal Swim and Reef Snorkel Adventure

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Join a remarkable two hour boutique small-group snorkelling tour for maximum 12x guests beside the stunning Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. See a wide array of marine animals on a small group tour.

On this fun snorkel adventure for maximum twelve guests, you'll enjoy discovering the beauty of the temperate reef. Snorkelling at three different sites you'll meet colourful fish, graceful stingrays, unusual weedy seadragons and swim with entertaining seals. In our fast RIB boat we'll quickly travel between each location, looking out for dolphin sightings as we explore the southern end of the very pretty Mornington Peninsula.

See dolphins. Swim with seals. Snorkel over magical reef. The tour departs Sorrento, original land of the Boonwurrung people, site of the first European Settlement in 1803. Passing beneath the up to 20-million year old unique calcarenite cliffs of the Mornington Peninsula National Park, in less than 15 minutes you'll be exploring the vast chain of the Great Southern Reef beneath the water and its unusual yet often majestic marine life.

Here, you'll meet nature's finest temperate marine animals, many that exist nowhere else on Earth. Your friendly crew will guide you as you explore the incredible diversity and magic of our mysterious underwater world.

Home to a variety of marine life including fur seals, zebra fish, little penguins, bottlenose dolphins, rays, giant cuttlefish, spider crabs, sponges, kelp and the famous weedy seadragons. You'll be smiling from ear to ear swimming freely with entertaining seals, listen curiously to the grunts and clicks of fish working the reef and be mesmerised by the rich colours you could never have imagined live beneath the surface.

Even improve your snorkelling skills with our tips from our guides for finning, duck-diving and equalising your ears.

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